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 List MIPIM 2007

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PostSubject: List MIPIM 2007   List MIPIM 2007 Icon_minitimeFri Jun 22, 2007 1:02 pm

Name Category France Spain Germany UK Japan Corporate & Other BV Countries Comments BV Client ? BV KA ? "Turnover 2005
(€ million *)" "Key figures in 2005
(Asset values, …)
" Headquarters "Lead" Country in Europe Description of Business / Main services Staff and geographical coverage Recent BV FR service offers / date (MM/YY) Services from BV UK Recent visits / contacts with BV Possible Contacts Headoffice contacts & phone numbers 11 December 06 - Build info/details: Comments Next Step - Responses 24th&25th , 29/1 January 07 and 26th February 07
Apax Holdings Investor David SIERENS - Director - London Met at MIPIM
"Axa Reim" Investment Company "> Gilles Bouteloup - Compliance and Appraisals Managing Director
> Christian Mattler - Département Développement & Opérations Spéciales
AXA Reim France, Paris" N N € 29 billion of assets under management Paris La Défense (France) France AXA REIM offers a broad range of real estate investment solutions across Europe, Pan-European, country specific or Property-specific 400 professionnals in 9 countries - See with Claude Lignon
Babcock & Brown Investment Company Mr Sato (CEO Babcock Japan)
Bleecker Group Advisor Jérôme de SEGOGNE - Senior Partner - Paris
"BNP Paribas Real Estate " Investment Company François Liebert - Responsable du Secteur Immobilier et Adjoint - BNP Paribas, Paris COLOMINA, Emilio, Director Property Assets (Activos immobiliaros Atisreal Spain) Y Y INTL 434 "Valuation: 22,000 valuations.
Brokerage: 4,528 transactions,4,8 million m² in Commercial Real Estate in 2005.
Investment Management (REIM): > €4.5 billion of assets under management (as at 01/01/06).
Property Management
• 11 million m2 of commercial real estate under management (as at 01/01/06).
• 26,500 residential units under management (as at 01/01/06).
Residential Housing
• 3,600 reservations in 2005 – 14 transactions per day. " Paris (France) France "
Range of services: Real Estate Development, Consulting, Valuations, Space planning and project management, Brokerage, Real Estate Investment management (REIM), Residential Housing, Market research, Real Estate equity participations
" 2 600 professionals in 50 offices in 8 european countries + 1 office in NYC E10 - H20 - E30 - E31 - E21 - H80 - H51 - B10 - E32 (10/06) - Philippe Zivkovic, Chairman BNP Paribas Immobilier See with Claude Lignon
"Calyon" Bank & Insurance Thierry Simon, Property Manager of Calyon Real Estate (met at MIPIM) Y N Paris (France) France advisory services (on mergers and acquisitions, and development strategy, among other things), debt instruments (corporate and structured finance, asset-based financing, syndication, etc.), interest-rate products (swaps and derivatives), and asset/liability and tax engineering (securitisation, deconsolidation, etc). 150 professionnals E21 - E23 - H20 (09/06) - "Thierry Simon, Global head real estate & hotel group (see profile)

Mr Jean-Philippe Guillerault - Head International Co-Ordination & Risk

Mr Eric Gerner - Head of Structured Finance Investors
" See with Claude Lignon
"Catella Property Group" Global Advisory - Overall Jean-François DROUETS (CEO Paris) ?
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PostSubject: Re: List MIPIM 2007   List MIPIM 2007 Icon_minitimeFri Jun 22, 2007 1:04 pm

Stephen Down - MD 140 Stockholm (SWE) Y 260 professionals in 21 cities in 9 countries
"CB Richard Ellis" Managing Agents / Advisors Maurice Gauchot (CEO France) Santiago Cerezo (Property Management Director, Madrid Office) Stefan Desormeaux (Director building Services UK). Peter Barton - hed of operation in property management. Andy Hay, head of property management; Aqllison Connich direcotr of H&S property management, Charlotte Edington, building energy efficiency, Davids Hitchcok, head of building consultancy Marc Reboux (Director) based in London Y N $21 billion in assets under management Los Angeles (USA) UK "Focus on Major Markets
Focus on High-Quality Properties
Property Type Diversification
- Office
- Industrial
- Retail
- Multifamily
Current Income Orientation
Judicious Use of Leverage
Direct Ownership or Control
Defined Risk Profile
- Core
- Value-Added
- Opportunistic
Defined Exit Strategies
" 220 professionals worldwide - "James Clifton-Brown - U.K. Chief Investment Officer
+44 20 7399 9622

Thibault de Valence - Executive Managing Director – Continental Europe
+33 1 58 62 55 42

Giles King Managing Director – Strategic Partners UK" "CB RICHARD ELLIS INVESTORS LIMITED

64 North Row
Phone: +44 20 73999600

Financial Dynamics
Holborn Gate
26 Southampton Buildings
London WC2A 1PB
Tel: 0207 831 3113
Fax: 0207 242 8459" Financial Dynamics is a P.R company that deals with C B Richard Ellis P.R. James Clifton-Brown's tel number is on permanent voicemail. "Address and phone number newly obtained. Investment subsidiary
PF: Guy Anderson/ OG visited : Leave with them" Info Build - Spoke to James Clifton-Brown, UK Chief Investment Officer and outlined Starwood project as an illustration. He explained CBRE investors like to keep due dilligence in-house. No further interest at this time.
CENOR Investment Company "Anthony Khoi (President France)
" Forent Murer (Directeur Developpement International) Y
Clifford & Chance Advisor "Mr. Reinhard Scheer- Hennings
Rechtanwalt, Partner
Attorney at Law (N.Y.)" Law firm - not real estate Law firm
"CLS Holdings plc
" Investment Company ? Rolf Mensing, Acquisitions Manager for Germany £76 "market capitalisation in excess of £460m and a property portfolio valued at £1,156.9m (June 2006)
" London (UK) UK CLS has invested primarily in office buildings let on long leases in order to achieve stable cash flows London, France, Sweden and Germany "Jan-Olof Hansson, Manager Acquisition continental Europe

Kevin Chapman Property Director UK
" "26th Floor, Portland House
Bressenden Place
London SW1E 5 BG
+44 (0) 20 75 82 77 66" Jan-Olof Hansson has left the company. Kevin Chapman = unavailable - his P.A only started this week and has no info. Then I spoke to the Department P.A Bianca, who explained that Mr Hansson has not been replaced but that all due dilligence/technical audits for acquisitons/sales of European property is dealt with by Rolf Mensing who is based in Germany - not U.K. Met with Rolf Mensing, property director for Germany in Expo Real in Munich, on 24/10/2006 Check with Peter Mertel and recontact Rolf Mensing ASAP
Collier CRE Advisor David HYAMS - Senior Partner - London
Colony Capital Advisor Sébastien Bazin (CEO Europe based in Paris)
"Credit Suisse" Bank & Insurance "> Claudio Rudolf, Head of Acquisitions - Zurich (met at MIPIM March 2007)

> Silvio Preisig, Head of Property Management - Zurich" N N Zurich (Switzerland) UK "Asset securitization - Conversion of direct real estate investments into indirect real estate investments
Asset management - Full mandate for the management of real estate portfolios with our Real Estate Management Information System REMIS®
Asset allocation - Individual advice for real estate asset allocation" OSH - H&S - £11,000 at HY 2006 and £42,000 in 2005 "Mr Emmanuel Van der Stichele - VP, Real Estate Finance & Securitisation

Ms Carla Giannini - Managing Director - Real Estate Private Equity (see profile)

Mr Graham Langlay-Smith - Director

Mr Todd Hirsch - Director

Patrick Menuet, Directeur Immobilier
+33 1 70 39 03 45, cell: +33 6 07 24 88 24" "One Cabot Square
London - E14 4QJ - UK
+44 - 20 - 7888 8888 " Spoke to Carla Giannini's P.A. Jane, discussed technical audits/due dilligence with reference to acquisitions/sale of Euoprean property. She advised us to send info to Ms Giannini and she will delegate if appropraiete. N.B. Possible to speak to her but not easy. Mailing - Carlo Gianini is out of office this week. Her P.A Jane confirmed receipt of mailing. Call back 29/1+ Update 26/2 P.A Jane has explained B.V information is being retained on file, they do have preferred suppliers in place which is reviewed. They will contact B.V direct if any future interest.
"Cushman & Wakefield " Managing Agents / Advisors Simon Elmer - head of property management, Polly Plunkett Checemian, property management, Margaret Finn - H&S manager "Bruce Mosler (CEO)
John Santora (COO)
Hadrien Péribère (Tenant Strategies & Solution Mgr, China)" Y N New York (USA) UK "Acquisitions & Disposals
Financing Advice
Performance Measurement
Portfolio Management
Property Management
Rent Reviews
Research & Forecasting
" "11 000 semployees in 192 offices throughout 58 countries for C&W group

18 000 transactions in 2005 with value of $ 68 bn, 7000 + properties managed" E60 - E30 - H20 (7/06) OSH - Traning - £875 "> William Macleod - Partner, +44 20 7152 5808
> Howard Meaney - Partner,+44 20 7152 5089
> Philip King - Partner, +44 20 7152 5121
> David Rendall - Partner, +33 15343 9304
> Peter Holtz, Investment Germany, + 49 171 62 58 062" "43-45 Portman Square
London UK - W1A 3BG
Telephone +44 20 7935 4334
Fax +44 20 7152 5522
" Info Build - Philip King is out o foffice this week, spoke to his P.A Michelle Mejia who uggested we send info to Mr King and call back one week+. (Other partners uncontactable across calling) ACTION: Please send info to Philip King c/o Ms Michelle Meijia to 43-45 Portman Square address. Update 26/02 I have spoken at length with Philip King who cannot recall seeing the B.V info. I have introduced Due Diligence and Technical Audits with regard acquistion and disposal of European property. and he has explained that Cushman has internal resources for this and also explained he will not be attending MIPIN.
"DEGI - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Immobilienfonds mbH
" Investment Company Mrs. Andrea Ziegler - Head of Due Diligence Mrs. Andrea Ziegler (Head of Due Diligence, met at MIPIM in March 2007) "€ 8.6 billion
90 properties around the globe" Frankfurt (Germany) Germany "Acquisitions & Disposals
Portfolio Management
Property Management
Rent Reviews
Research & Forecasting
" "> Thomas Linker - Managing Director
> Michael Determann - Managing Director
> Malcolm R. Morgan - Managing Director" "Weserstrasse 54
Frankfurt / Main
+49 69 263 15000
" See with Peter Mertel
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Registration date : 2007-06-20

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PostSubject: Re: List MIPIM 2007   List MIPIM 2007 Icon_minitimeFri Jun 22, 2007 1:04 pm

"DEKA - Immobilien Investment" Investment Company "Mr. Kastner (job title ?)
Mr. Schäfer (job title ?)" Joerg Wagner (International Investment Manager) Total assets of € 14 billion, 300 properties in Germany and abroad Frankfurt (Germany) Germany Open-ended property funds Andreas Martin, International Sales & Acquisitions department director See with Peter Mertel
"Deutsche Bank
(RREEF Real Estate & Infrastructure, DB Asset Management)" Bank & Insurance Alexander Jotzu (Development Director) for South Europe Alexander Jotzu (Development Director) for South Europe Y N € 51.8 billion of assets under management New York (USA) UK "Acquisitions & Disposals
Portfolio Management
Research & Forecasting" 2,000 professionals H71 (03/05) OSH - H&S + Training - £23,999 "AW: voir liste contacts
AF: Alexander Jotzu, technical manager (BV Laurent Clavel) / Rainer Schumacher, Director Construction & Technical Projects (BV J. Wainman)" "- Mr David Brush - Global Head of RE Opportunities Group (see profile)
- Mr Chris Papachristophorou - Managing Director (see profile)
- Bill Hughes, head of Real Estate (UK)
- PETER HOBBS, Head of Global Real Estate and Infrastructure Research (London)
" "1 Appold Street
London - EC2A 2UU - UK
+44 - 20 - 7545-8000 " Spoke to Mr David Brush's P.A, Donna Sullivan, who confirmed Mr Brush's role - she doesn’t fully understand technical audits/due dilligence but advised us to send info to Mr Brush. At 1 Appold Street London EC2A 2UU (She explained it is unikely that he will take any follow up call). PF: Michael K contact - but no issue Mailing - David Brush's PA Donna Sullican confirm received info, which was then passed to Stephen Shaw. Mr Shaw explained they have No Interest as all due dilligence tc is handled in-house.
"DIFA - Deutsche Immobilien Fonds AG" Investment Company Mr. Willgers (Job tiltle?) 13.2 billion of assets, more than 230 properties in Germany, Belgium, Canada, Czech republic, France, Hungary, Mexico, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the UK and the USA Hamburg (Germany) Germany Specialist capital investment company for open-ended real estate funds, DIFA also operates as an investor and project / property developer, landlord and property seller while providing a range of property-related services. "Deutsche Immobilien Fonds
Caff amacherreihe 8
D - 20355 Hamburg
Tel.: +49 40 349 19 - 0
Fax: +49 40 349 19 - 191
E-mail:" See with Peter Mertel
"DTZ " Managing Agents / Advisors "> Philippe Leigniel - Président Directeur Général (CEO) - DTZ France, Paris
> Francesco Cavanna - Directeur - Aménagements Tertiaires -
> Marie-Hélène Verdier - Secrétaire Général " "Markus Ketmath (Job Title ?)
Eric Vogeler, DTZ Frankfurt (Job Title ?)
" Paul Brown dir of H&S, Martin Heyward MD of property management Y Y INTL 2.94 billion London (UK) UK DTZ Investment Management (DTZIM) has successfully managed client funds for over 35 years and is an integral part of the DTZ Group, one of the world’s leading real estate advisors. 9000 staff operating from 192 offices in 40 countries within DTZ group. H71 - E60 - E30 (10/06) - H80 OSH - Training + Health & Safety + Workplace - £505,000 (2005) "- Sean Brew - Head of Asset/Property Management
+44 20 7757 6630

- Chris Dryden, Regional Valuations Director
- Sean Dowsey, Regional Director - Property Management
- Stefano Carosi, Head of investment
- David Sheldon, Business Manager - Head of Building Consultancy London Tel: +44 (0) 20 7408 2843
Contact Expo Real: Markus Ketnath - Head of Building consultancy Germany - Mobile: +49 171 30 44 755, " "One Curzon Street
London - UK W1A 5PZ
+44 20 7408 1161
+44 20 7643 6000 " Spoke to Sean Brew, head of Asset/Property Management - discussed technical audits/due dilligence. He requested we send info to: Mr John Slade, Director, One Curzon Street London W1A 5PZ "reference conversation with Sean Brew" "Get recommendation from existing contacts from BV UK
PF: Contact Stephen H" Mailing - Mr Slade's DDI is 020 7757 6685. He is in meetings most of this week.. Uncontactable across calling. Update 29/1 = We originally requested info be sent to John Slade, Director, here. I have now been passed to Paul Abrey, Director, who deals with due diligence. Mr Abrey is aware of B.V as he currently uses us in Paris for Due Diligence with regard "The Atrium" portfolio. He explained he has a lot of projects to deal with and requested re re-send the information by post and call back in 7=10 days. ACTION: Please re-send info BY POST to Mr Paul Abrey, Director at One Curzon Street address. Update 26/2 I have not re-visited this lead as they are alrady a B.V client, I feel it would be better if a B.V person dealt with this as I am unaware of the project etc.
EC Harris Advisor Richard CLARE - Chairman - London Richard CLARE - Chairman - London, met at MIPIM 2007
"Ernst & Young" Global Advisory - Overall John Mc CREADY - Senior Partner - London $ 18.4 billion Y Big 4 Auditing and consulting firms 114 000 professionals, 700 locations in 140 countries
"GE Real Estate" Investment Company Peter Tayar-Watson, Joshua Singer, David Short Gabor Kunde (Technical Director for Europe) Y N $49 billion of asset under management "Corporate Headquarters
Stamford (USA)

European Headquarters
2-4 rue Pillet-Will
75009 Paris, France
+33 (0) 1 43 12 18 00" France "Intermediate to long-term mortgage financing
Restructuring and acquisition capital
Niche equity investments/joint ventures
Capital market securitization and placements
Asset management services" "2,064 professionals
in 34 offices and 24 countries" E21 (01/05) - "AW: Herr Kendall Young, Managing Director (BV Tanja Klatt)
AF: voir liste " "
Jonathan Kern, Global Chief Investment Officer

Olivier Piani, President, GE Real Estate Europe" "GE Real Estate - UK
30 Berkeley Square,
London W1J 6EW
Tel: +44 (0)20 7302 6000
Fax: +44 (0)20 7302 6830" London office explained that Jonathan Kern is based in U.S.A. Olivier Piani is based in Paris. They cannot help unless you have a contact name - they deal by contact name only - not department. "European Headquarters
2-4 rue Pillet-Will
75009 Paris, France
+33 (0) 1 43 12 18 00" Meeting planned on the 11/1 with Eric Parisot
"Goldman Sachs" Investment Company Kathryn Ogden (Real Estate Principal Investments) N N New York (USA) UK Health & Safety + Hazmat £222,558 in 2005 "AW: No contacts
AF: " "Mr Jean de Pourtales - Managing Director
Investments" "Peterborough Court
133 Fleet Street - London
+44 (0) 20 7774 1000" No tel no for this in listings/directories. "Eric Parisot has called Kathryn Ogden for contacts in London
New phone number added
PF: Our contacts tend to be Building Contacts - no overlap/ no help (Discuss MK & SH)" Info Build - Spoke to Jean do Pourtales' P.A Jirka. Who suggested we send info to Mr Zaxk Bornstein, Associate Director. ACTION: Please send info by post to Zack Bornstein, Associate Director, to 133 Fleet Street Address. Update 26/02 Zak Bornstein is unavailable until 06/03+
"Grosvenor Group Holdings Limited" Investment Company James Preston Hood - dir of H&S Mr Hiroi (CEO Japan) £97 around £ 9 billion London (UK) UK "acquires, develops, and manages real estate investment properties. The company manages the properties through funds and . It partnered with Mitsubishi Corporation in June 2005 to establish a $304.1 million residential real estate fund. Grosvenor is owned by trusts for the Grosvenor family.
" operates through four subsidiary companies in Britain, Europe, the Americas, and the Asian Pacific continental region. Currently, the company has interests in properties located in 16 countries "Steve Cowen - Continental Europe Investment Director
(Steve Cowen MRICS is Investment Director,
Continental Europe. He joined Grosvenor in
June 2002 having been Asset Management
Director at Corio France and an associate
partner at Cushman & Wakefield. He has
lived and worked in Paris since 1989.
Age 40)
" "The Grosvenor Office
70 Grosvenor Street
T: + 44 (0) 20 7408 0988
F: + 44 (0) 20 7629 9115" Steve Cowen is based in Paris. Grosvenor U.K only deal with U.K property. "Grosvenor Continental Europe
24, rue Royale, 75008 Paris
Tél. : 01 55 04 89 39 - Fax : 01 40 15 93 93
Web :
Activité : investissement, gestion, développement
" "Contact Steve Cowen in Paris
Leverage contacts in the UK ?"
"Henderson Global Investors" Investment Company > Christopher Linney, Senior Portfolio Manager N N €100 billion (£63.1 billion) of asset under management London (UK) UK The company provides its institutional, retail and high net-worth clients with access to skilled investment professionals representing a broad range of asset classes, including equities, fixed income, property and private capital 900 people worldwide OSH - Hazmat - £21,000iat HY 2006 and £3,450 in 2005 "Patrick Bushnell - Director of Property Investment, Europe
+44 20 7818 4495

Michael Sales - Director of Property, Portfolio Management (Europe) +44 20 7818 4376

James Darkins - Global Director, Property (see profile)

Michael Englisch, Director of Property Business Development Europe (Germany) + 49 151 14 80 63 61" "Henderson Global Investors Limited - 4 Broadgate
London - EC2M 2DA
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)20 7818 1818
Fax: +44 (0)20 7818 1819 " Spoke to James Darkins, Global Director, Property, who advised us to send info to the following two contacts, by email: Colin Palmer, Head of Development and to Boris Bergeman, Head of Transactions (for info Mr Bergeman is based in Germany). In both cases please include in email: "reference conversation with James Darkins". (For info Mr Bushnell and Mr Sales on permanent voicemail). Reference to Jame Darkins in title of E-mailing E-Mailing - Colin Palmer away from office this week, back 29/01/07+ Mob for info 07714 415339 Update 26/02 Uncontactable
"Hines Europe" Investment Company ? - "A total of 34 projects comprising more than 8.4 million square feet (789,475 square meters) have been completed in recent years, while another 24 projects, totaling more than 12 million square feet (645,393 square meters), are currently under way
$26.6bn worldwide " London (UK) UK Hines is a privately owned real estate firm involved in real estate investment, development, asset management and property management worldwide. The Hines portfolio of projects underway, completed, acquired and managed for third parties includes 915 properties representing approx. 360 million square feet of office, residential, mixed use, industrial, hotel, medical and sports facilities, as well as large, master-planned communities and land developments. Hines Europe has development offices in nine cities in six countries: France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Poland and the United Kingdom "Mr Andreas Schreurs - Managing Director Hines Pan-European Core Fund (see profile)

Jurgen Herre - Managing Director Europe (Project financing and Fund raising ?)
+44 20 7292 1908

Lars Huber - Managing Director Europe
+44 20 7292 1999" "European Headquarters
Hines Europe Regional Office
Queensberry House
3 Old Burlington Street
London W1 S 3AE, England
fax: 44-20-7292-1901
tel: 44-20-7292-1900" Spoke to Andreas Schreurs, P.A. who advised us to send info to Anthony Havelock, Acquistions Manager at Queensbury House, 3 Old Burlington Street London W1S 3AE Mailing - Unavailable/uncontactable across calling. Update 29/1 I have now spoken to Anthony Havelock, who explained Hines U.K only deal with U.K property. I introduced U.K services: Geotech, Contaminated Land etc OSH etc. He requested a copy of the B.V Portfolio of Services and a call back in one week. FOR GARY DAVIS: ACTION: Gary, please can you send a BV Portfolio to Anthony Havelock, Aquisitions Manager at address shown. and let me know once sent so I can follow up. Update 26/2 Uncontactable
"HSBC" Bank & Insurance "Laurent Guize (Real Estate Dpt Head)

Dominique Paulhac (Head of Real Estate France)" Stéphane Barrau (Associate Director Real Estate Europe) Y Y INTL London (UK) UK E21 - H20 - E30 - H30 - E10 (09/06) OSH - H&S + Hazmat - £7100 at HY 2006 and Hazmat £152,000 in 2005 "AW: voir liste contacts
AF: voir liste contacts" "Stanley Chin, Investment Director, London

Maxwell James (Global Sector Head and Managing Director, Real Estate), 0207 992 2129/ 07775 818 137, contact from Michael Kujawinski, Associate Director BV Occupational Safety & Health Division
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List MIPIM 2007 Empty
PostSubject: Re: List MIPIM 2007   List MIPIM 2007 Icon_minitime

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List MIPIM 2007
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